fincke_loechel is a creative network that reflects the common musical work of burkhard maria fincke (smg music production) and jan loechel (sunwater music).




Jan Loechel

jan loechel is a german singer-songwriter and record producer. Collaborations with german platinum-selling bands and artists such as H-Blockx, Reamonn, Sasha and Christina Stuermer earned him several Top 10 chart-notations and gold- and platinum-awards.


He wrote and produced songs for movies such as "Bang Boom Bang", "Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht", "Reine Formsache" and "Sommer" and music for commercials like Bayer/Bepanthen, Havana Club, Yello, Bergans, PUMA and lend his voice to TV-comercials for TARGOBANK and TAKKO (written and produced by krueger/wilckens). Together with burkhard maria fincke he developed the musical concept for 2 seasons of the international TV-Series "Wildlife Nannies" that was licensed worldwide in 2008/09.


In 2008/2009 he lend his voice and topline-writing to "Guru Josh Project`s" worldwide smasher "Infinity 2008" that topped the singlecharts in 10 countries by selling more than 1.3 Million singles worldwide and appearing on countless compilations.




Burkhard Maria Fincke

burkhard maria fincke is a classical trained musician who started as a drummer in several bandprojects before sounddesign and score-compostion more and more caught his interest. From stripped-down cinematic pianoworks to opulent orchestral arrangements he improved his skills and developed a huge library of tailor-made instruments and atmospheres.

He wrote and produced music for film and documentaries like "Die Geisterflotte vom Bikini-Atoll)" (ZDF/Terra X), Feinberührung (ZDF/France 3, where he contributed a very intimate and haunting score-composition to a stirring story of a Stasi-victim), "Radioactive Paradise" (Discovery Channel), "Darling Princess Life" and others.


In 2008 he developed the musical concept for the international broadcasted TV-series "Wildlife Nannies".


Furthermore he wrote and produced music for brands, advertisements and imagefilms like ADAC, Bavaria, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bank, Miele, Havana Club, Reemtsma, ThyssenKrupp, T-Mobile and Volkswagen.


Another real passion of burkhard maria fincke are artistic projects, Dance-, Multimedia- and Soundinstallations where he loves to contribute sounddesign and composition also outside the mainstream, working with several known international directors and choreographers in the past few years.


Also pop-artists and producers like No Angels, ATB, H-Blockx, Pohlmann, Yvonne Catterfeld among others hired him for string- and orchestral arrangements.




Creative Network

We provide full service when it comes to creating music for commercials, brands and media.

While working in the music business for over 15 years and having worked with numerous established national and international artists and songwriters, we were able to establish a strong network that gives us the opportunity to write and produce customized music for every purpose. From stripped-down acoustic pop to cinematic sounddesign and classical orchestral arrangements we are specialized on creating the unique musical support for advertising, film, media and everything an individual brand needs.

Instead of reverting to pre-assembelled sound-libraries we prefer to produce real and tailor-made music by using real instruments to originate real emotions.

Therefore we can count on a broad network of talented and trained musicians and studio-facilities to guarantee high-quality results on an international level.

Besides our love for sounddesign and atmospheric soundcolours we believe in the magic of a strong song, no matter if it`s about Pop, Dance or even classical music - and we meet the challenge to improve our skills every day.